The only caravan with brand employees

The only caravan with brand employees

Published on : 02/05/2018

True emblems of the brand, the 2 caravan cars travel nearly 9,000 km each year with cofidis employees on board, since the beginning.

Cycling events offer a magnificent show to millions of people on the roads. For Cofidis, which operates only by phone or letters, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet its customers through the various advertising caravan schemes.

Many of these events are broadcast on TV, the most important is being the Tour de France.

Cycling has the advantage of attracting on the roads or behind the small screen a large audience, of all ages, more feminised than in most other sports, and where all social categories are represented. The magic of the publicity caravan is to have transformed a sporting competition into a festive event, a joyful and colourful parade that attracts a different audience from that of cycling enthusiasts and explains the success of the Tour and its timeless character (15 million spectators at the roadside).

To make the most of this incomparable opportunity, Cofidis joined the publicity caravan in 1997 with more than 300,000 gifts distributed each year.

The Caravan
Photo Finish 🏁
Bravo à toute l’équipe de la caravane Cofidis 🥳
Hurray to the team of the Cofidis Caravane 🥳
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20 sept. 2020
La Caravane Cofidis au Tour de France - semaine 1
La Caravane Cofidis au Tour de France - semaine 2
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