Mathilde L'Azou

Published on : 01/06/2023

C'est un grand départ ! Dans quelques jours, l'équipe sera engagée presque simultanément en Océanie, en Europe et au Moyen-Orient. Et tous les pilotes savent combien il est important d'être performant et d'obtenir rapidement une victoire pour lancer une bonne dynamique. En savoir plus sur l'équipe et ses ambitions.

And yes, it's back to work! In a few days, the 2023 season will start again and with it the succession of races of a particularly dense calendar. On the program: several fronts miles apart, whether in Australia (Schwable Classic on the 14th and Tour Down Under, from January 17 to 22), in Spain (GP of Valencia, races in Mallorca from January 25 to 29), in France (GP La Marseillaise on the 29th) and in Saudi Arabia (from January 30 to February 3). For these last three fronts, the riders have a training course in Calpe, from January 10 to 20. Those who will go to Australia will fly out at the end of the week.

Australia, the ambitions of the end of the world

First of all, you will have to resist a long trip, hours of flight between Paris, Singapore and Adelaide. And then to adapt to the Australian summer, to the ambient heat and to gradually regain all their physical capacities. We'll have four days to acclimatize, get over the jet lag and the change in temperature," says Roberto Damiani, sports director. And as always, the races will be the judge of peace.

The Cofidis team will go there with many ambitions. Bryan Coquard will be the major asset in the sprint, supported by Davide Cimolai and "will have many opportunities to shine", according to Roberto. Victor Lafay will be able to play his card in the general classification. "He showed great things last year and seems to be in very good condition. He is a rider who will continue to surprise us. François Bidard, André Carvalho, Harrison Wood will be able to support them and try their luck. Finally, we will see the return to competition of Alexis Renard, who underwent heart surgery last summer and is eager to regain his sensations and his place in the peloton.

In Calpe, a course to get stronger 

About 20 riders will head to Calpe - a destination they know by heart - for the first training camp of the year. "During the December camp, we had mainly resumed with a certain volume to rebuild the bases, explains Samuel Bellenoue, in charge of performance. Now, we will work on the specific in order to get closer to the intensity of the races". Soon, a large number of these runners will compete in the first races of the season, in Spain, France and Saudi Arabia.

"Our main goal is to be in the game during these races. There is no absolute goal of winning, but we know that winning early creates a good dynamic within the team," says Samuel. All the riders will be fighting to get one or two wins at the beginning of the season! Note that a physical trainer and a mental trainer will be present, as well as coaches and nutritionists, so that this course is as complete as possible and as beneficial as possible before the start of the season.