Published on : 07/19/2022

The Cofidis team has announced the three riders who will join the team from 1 August. Sebastian Kolze Changizi (ColoQuick), Florentin Lecamus-Lambert (VC Rouen 76) and Harrison Wood (AVC Aix-en-Provence) will be able to discover the demands of the top level and perfect their learning.

This is a key stage for all aspiring riders. Being a trainee in a professional team is the assurance of discovering the joys of the high level, of getting used to the side of experienced riders and members of the staff who are used to the most prestigious races on the calendar. This year, three riders will join the Cofidis team from August. 

A Dane, a Frenchman and a Briton at Cofidis

As a nod to current events, while the Tour de France started in Denmark and the yellow jersey was worn by one of his illustrious compatriots, a Dane joined the team: Sebastian Kolze Changizi. The 21 year old, who has been riding for three seasons in the Continental team ColoQuick, is Danish. This year Sebastian won a stage in the Flèche du Sud (2.2) and a stage in the Race for Peace Espoirs. He also finished 2nd in the Kattekoers, the Ghent-Wevelgem for U23 riders.

Florentin Lecamus-Lambert, on the other hand, shone by winning the Vienne Classic and by raising his arms during a stage of the Boucle de l'Artois. He also won a stage and took 4th place in the Tour de la Manche. 2nd in the prologue of the Tour de Loire-Atlantique, he has already been a trainee on three occasions with the Arkéa-Samsic team between 2018 and 2020.

There is also 22-year-old Harirson Wood, a rising figure in British cycling. Winner of a stage in the Tour de Saône-et-Loire and the Tour de la Bidassoa Espoirs, he has taken several places of honour: 2nd in the Grand Prix de Saint-Étienne Loire, 3rd in the Ronde du Pays Basque, 5th in the Vienne Classic (Coupe de France N1). The Cofidis team will put its know-how and experience at their disposal to allow them to grow and perfect their training at the highest level.