Mathilde L'Azou
Published on : 07/16/2022
By joining the breakaway of the day between Saint-Etienne and Mende, the German rider took the opportunity to consolidate his lead in the mountain classification. He keeps it for the 6th stage in a row. He takes 9th place on the heights of Mende.

There is never really a break in the Tour de France. Those who doubt it should have watched today's stage, the 192,5 km between Saint-Etienne and Mende, to be convinced. From the start, you had to be particularly attentive and concentrated because the level of tension was so high.

It wasn't until almost forty kilometres later that the breakaway finally took shape. It was composed of 23 riders and among them: Simon Geschke. The experienced German rider continues to protect his polka dot jersey of best climber. On the côte de Châtaignier (3rd cat), he has to work hard to get a point (2nd at the summit). After that, the breakaway had more than 10 minutes of advantage on the peloton. Simon was once more at the top of the Côte de Grandieu, the second climb of the day (2 points). 

Even if he didn't manage to stay in the wheel of the fastest riders at the end of the stage, the German rider took 9th place behind the winner Michael Matthews and secured the essential by consolidating his first place in the mountain classification. He is now 7 points ahead of South African Louis Meintjes. Simon was once again on the podium with a strong desire to keep his polka dot tunic as long as possible.


Simon Geschke: "I knew what to expect today. It was very hot and it was a hard fight to get into the breakaway. I really wanted to be in it to strengthen my lead in the mountain classification. I was able to get some points and it was a really nice stage. I am surprised to keep the jersey this week. It's a great challenge and I know I can keep it until the rest day.

Alain Deloeuil, sport director: "It was a good day from the moment we put Simon in the mix. He got 3 points during the day, which is not negligible as these small points that are distributed will be important at the end of the Tour. I think we are well on our way to keeping this jersey until the rest day. We will start the Pyrenees with the polka-dot jersey on our backs, which will boost the troops."